How to Grow a YouTube Channel

There is something truly admirable about wanting to make it on YouTube. There is no reason why you cannot, but you also have some reasons to feel apprehensive. Yes, there are so many people on YouTube who manage to get millions of views and even more subscribers. But those people only seem like a lot because they are the ones whose content you are always seeing on the front pages and in search results pages. If you look deeper, you will see page after page of videos that have 1000 or less views. And it is not as if those other people make bad content.

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The reason why those other content creators are not getting recognition is probably because they never attempted to market their content. They figured the content would do the talking. But this is not how it works. When you are on YouTube, you must know that you are playing a numbers game. What that means is the only thing that matters is how many views you are getting – because more views mean more ad views – and that means more money. But how can you even get those views that you want? We will tell you now.

What you are going to do is give your channel the boost that it needs. How you do this is by purchasing views and subs. Yes, you are reading right. We want you to buy YouTube subscribers and views during the initial phase of your channel. Do so in a sensible way. For instance, get 1000 views for your first video, 2000 or 3000 for the next one, and so on. Do this for three or four videos, and see if it is giving you a boost. Use another account and search for related keywords to see if your videos show up.

If you are seeing the results, then you will know that when you buy YouTube subscribers you are getting your money’s worth. But you have to keep in mind that we are not saying this method will work for you in the long term. It will not. Eventually you will need to have that organic growth. But right now you are fine. For the moment, you can easily use this method to get yourself the growth that you need. Remember – the initial period for a channel is not about making money.  It is about growing and making people aware that you exist.

The huge mistake so many make is they will not even think to do this. They assume that if they just put videos out there – someone will watch. Yes, someone may watch, but it will be very few people. 99 percent on YouTube will go for a video with more views, or the one that is in the top 3 positions on a search results page. You would do the same. So why expect different from others? What you must do is adapt, not think you are somehow going to become the exception on this platform.

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