Health Benefits Linked to Marijuana

There is a considerable amount of debate taking place regarding the use of marijuana for recreational use and for medicinal purposes. This debate has become so heated that there are groups launching like the Massachusetts Sensible Marijuana Policy Initiative. This group is lobbying hard to have the government put into law an individual’s right to purchase marijuana for personal use without having to face criminal prosecution.

Benefits Linked to Marijuana Usage

One of the primary benefits linked to the use of marijuana is the way it can help alleviate pain and a host of chronic conditions. This is one of the main driving forces behind the Massachusetts Sensible Marijuana Policy Initiative is to give citizens access to marijuana without having to circumnavigate the extensive red tape that is currently in place with “medicinal marijuana”.

The reason there is such a dramatic push for the legalization of marijuana is that medical science is unearthing more discoveries on how using marijuana can help treat a host of diseases and chronic conditions without serious side effects. Since the current laws are not able to keep up with these developments so it would make sense to just legalize marijuana but have requirements similar to those used for alcohol.

Aside from the health benefits linked to using marijuana in a responsible manner is the potential economic benefits it would yield for society as a whole. Since marijuana is classified as illegal it forces honest people who have a legitimate need for the drugs to break the law. The money that is being spent to illegally procure marijuana goes into the hands of criminals and potential terrorists instead of into social programs that can benefit society. Along with the money going to criminals, there are the negative social consequences of good people having a criminal record for buying or having marijuana for personal use. When a person has a criminal record it will make securing good paying jobs more difficult since the majority of jobs out there require an individual to go through a criminal record check prior to being employed.

Massachusetts Sensible Marijuana Policy Initiative

What You Can Do to Help

The first thing we need to do is remove the negative social stigma that is associated with marijuana. There is a mindset that individuals who some marijuana are unmotivated, undesirable members of society, however, nothing could be further from the truth. Marijuana is not merely a drug to use in order to escape reality like alcohol, it has tangible health benefits like helping individuals with epilepsy or serious conditions like cancer get the relief they need while trying to manage the condition. To reduce the social and human costs associated with the prohibition on marijuana it would be really prudent to speak your voice and advance the conversation, this is a problem that should be addressed quickly so individuals who are suffering can get the medicine they desperately need to have a better quality of life.

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